You can’t simply turn up, deliver the course and go home. There’s more to training than the actual delivery. Here’s 4 things that a Trainer should consider when delivering training onsite.

Familiarise yourself with the environment. Where are the restrooms/toilets? Where are the refreshments? Where are the fire exits and the fire meeting points?

Take into account any “local customs”. I’ve delivered training to factory floor workers where they stop for lunch at exactly 11:55 so that they can be first to queue up at the restaurant.

If the training involves a computer (and these days what doesn’t?), don’t just turn up on the day expecting to be able to copy your files from your USB stick or log onto your Dropbox account – check with the IT people prior to the course whether there are any restrictions.

Are there any “internal issues” that you must avoid. For example, if there’s recently been an announcement of redundancies then it would not be wise to use your “calculating the cost of a new car” example in Excel.

So that’s 4 things to bear in mind. What are your top tips for onsite course preparation?