Being a Trainer is not for everyone. Not only do you need to be knowledgeable in what you are teaching (some people would go so far as to say you should be a subject matter expert), you need to be articulate, patient, able to think on your feet, passionate. In fact the list goes on.

So when I come across the term “cascade training”, it makes me cringe. Typically one person from a team will be sent on a training course (usually because of time and/or financial constraints), this person will assimilate as much information as possible and probably beg for a copy of all the Trainer’s materials, including the presentation (happens to me all the time) and then go back and train their colleagues at their next team meeting.

So what is the criteria for being “the chosen one”? More often than not, the person attending the training will probably be selected because they are going to be the Super-User, however, what concerns me is whether they can successfully pass on their knowledge in a meaningful way.