Essential Toolkit For Presenting Online

Essential Toolkit for Presenting Online

As budgets shrink and organisations look to cut travel costs, virtual meetings and virtual training sessions have become the norm rather than the exception.

No matter how much experience you have of delivering face-to-face training or presentations, presenting online is different. There’s a whole new complimentary set of skills that must be learnt. As a Presenter or a Trainer, you certainly don’t want to be left behind!

Become an Effective and Confident Virtual Trainer and Presenter

The Essential Toolkit For Presenting Online is a training course, delivered virtually, that will provide you with all the skills you need to become an effective and confident Virtual Trainer and Presenter.

The course is delivered by Elaine Giles, an acclaimed and experienced Trainer, creative designer, technology consultant and podcaster. Elaine specializes in slide design and visual communications and has extensive expertise in virtual training including webinar creation and delivery.

Personal Training from Someone Who Does It!

For 8 hours over a four-week period, you’re guaranteed Elaine’s personal attention and guidance. The course is delivered through a blend of webinars, live online one-to-one mentoring sessions, videos and written materials. You’ll also have the opportunity to deliver a webinar or presentation without the pressure of an audience.

As well as all this, you’ll learn about the technical aspects of online delivery and how to make it an engaging experience for your audience. Elaine will teach you how to become a first-class “virtual producer” as well as how to make on-demand recordings of your webinars and presentations.

Once you’ve completed the course, we don’t leave you to sink or swim! If you need hand-holding through your first virtual presentation or training course, we’ll be there!

Want to Know More?

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