Mobile working, hot-desking and working from home are all modern phenomena, all possible thanks to technology. Many of us have better and faster tech at home than at work.

My previous employer, a huge tech company, encouraged people, where possible, to work from home, citing cost reduction in the form of lower office rental costs, lower electricity costs and lower telephony costs as a justifiable reason. These costs would be borne by the employee, most of whom were happy to trade in a higher electricity bill for lower petrol/transport costs and more time in bed/with the kids/cat/dog.

In contrast, my current employer prefers it’s employees to be in the office every day.

Obviously if you’re delivering live training, you have no choice but to be physically in the same location as your delegates. however, with more and more training being delivered virtually, is it viable for a training course to be delivered from home?

Some people will argue not. What about noise? What about network connections? What happens if the doorbell rings?

For the record Elaine and I both deliver webinars on a regular basis from a purpose-built studio – which is…at home!

What do you think? Do you deliver training from home? Does it make a difference where you are? Let us know.