A few years ago I worked on a project delivering IT training to police officers in the North West of England.

The training was delivered in makeshift training rooms at various police stations around the region, however, the training team (there were about 8 of us in the team) had a base on the first floor of the main IT building.

We each had our own desk and this where we worked when we weren’t delivering training, designing written materials and creating new courses.

For me, having my own desk gives me a kind of stability in the workplace. Somewhere to call my own. Somewhere I can leave my books overnight, somewhere I can leave a box of cereal, a spoon and a bowl (and a dirty coffee cup if I so choose!). Others know where to find you too – “I’ve left it on your desk” was often sent to me as a text message from colleagues.

Fast forward a few years. I’m a permanent part of the onsite training team at a large company but right now I’m working on a short-term project as my expertise was required on another team. I’m writing user guides for the Office 365 team and although I could work from anywhere, I feel that I ought to be sitting with that team.

So whilst my permanent desk with my 2 monitor setup is a 10 minute walk away on another part of site, each day I carry not only my laptop but my box of cereal, carton of milk, spoon and bowl.

Also, because I’m hot-desking, I can’t have my usual 2 monitor setup, which I feel makes me less productive.

Next week it’s all change again. My adopted team are moving and there’s no space for me. No idea where I’ll be but thanks to modern technology I’ll be able to be in constant contact with all my colleagues. You can read here about how I use my iPhone at work.

Do virtual teams work just as well as physical teams? I’m about to find out. What do you think? Let me know!