This is a recording of an Office 15-Minute Webinar from Microsoft. The webinar covers:


  • Move items a little bit: Ctrl + arrow button
  • Excel

    • Quick Fill handle
    • Keyboard shortcut for Edit/Replace window in Word and Excel: Ctrl+H
    • Keyboard shortcut to move rows. Select the row and press ALT+SHIFT+Up/Down Arrow Key
    • Keyboard shortcut: F4 to repeat


    • Right Click Menu Outlook/find related
    • Keyboard shortcut for Inserting comments into an email message: Ctrl+Alt+M.
    • Desktop email notifications
    • F1 is Help on Microsoft programs

    Jen Singer’s Tips

    • Email Signature
    • Auto Correct options
    • Access SkyDrive from Windows Explorer
    • Sign up for SkyDrive

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