This week I was delivering one of my regular courses, How to Use The Company Intranet Editor, to a virtual audience. Or at least that’s what I thought it would be.

I had my Webex details. I had my teleconference dialin details. What I didn’t have was a room to deliver it from. Despite there being over 20 meeting rooms in the building that I work in, all were booked on Thursday afternoon.

One room, however, had been booked by one of the attendees of my course. She wanted to attend away from her desk to help her concentrate. So I sent her an IM “would you like to share the room with the trainer?”.

She was more than happy to do so. Then on checking the attendee list, I discovered a second person who was based 3 doors down from the meeting room, so I invited him in too.

The result – 3 virtual attendees and 2 warm bodies.

So how did I cope and what did I learn from the experience? The answer is in this blog post