In an ideal world we’d all have our own personalised training programme. Unfortunately we live in a far from ideal world. At the moment I’m involved in a major training programme. SharePoint 2010 is being rolled out across the company where I work. 60,000 users need to be trained over the next 6 months.

We’ve developed a number of courses, starting with a mandatory 1-hour orientation session, delivered via Webex. Last week I delivered “orientation training” to about 100 users and I’ve just been reviewing the feedback. Most of it was excellent (of course!), but the comments ranged from “this could have been delivered in 10 minutes” to “pace was excellent, a great introduction to SharePoint” – and these were comments from the same course!

So what’s a Trainer to do? There’s not a lot that I can do really. I’m in a no-win situation. The powers-that-be have decided that all employees have to attend the 1-hour course and with so many people to train we have to deliver it by the book.

Have you ever been in this situation? What did you do?