I recently ran a series of training sessions called “Stand and Deliver” in which I provided a number of tips to help people deliver successful presentations.

The training covered both face-to-face and online delivery. I also made the point that presenting does not necessarily mean PowerPoint. The training event was just as relevant to someone who has to deliver financial information in a spreadsheet via Webex.

Some of the key points covered included:

  • Always have multiple copies of your documents. You never know when your pen drive might “die” or your connection to your company’s “team drive” may be unavailable
  • Create a PDF version of your documents. This provides an alternative way of delivering your presentation or document
  • Close your email and IM clients to avoid interruptions from notifications
  • When presenting virtually (using Webex, Connect, etc) use “Share Desktop” rather than “Share File” or “Share Application”. With the latter 2, I’ve had issues with missing fonts and graphics

What are your thoughts on these? Do you have any more tips? Let us know