I deliver a lot of training via Webex. Where I work we don’t use VOIP so both the trainer and the delegates have to dial into a teleconference service in order to speak/listen. Our team has several accounts with the teleconference service provider. For each account there is a dial-in number, a 10-digit conference number and a 4-digit PIN. I like to have this information with me at all times so what better place to store it than in Evernote.

In my Evernote account I have a notebook called “Work” and a note called “Virtual Training”. I have the information in a note in Outlook so there are several ways to get the information over into Evernote, but by far the quickest was to email it to my Evernote Inbox (when you set up an Evernote account you get a special dedicated email address). Once in my Evernote Inbox, I simply moved it to the appropriate notebook.