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If you are reading this page on a computer with iTunes installed, click here to subscribe to The Training Show podcast via iTunes.

Subscribing via a Mobile Device

If you are reading this page on a mobile device, there are many apps (known as podcatcher apps) that allow you to subscribe to and listen to podcasts (see below).

Depending on a) the device and b) the app, you may be able to subscribe via this link. The podcatcher that you use may require you to enter the feed URL which is:

If you need a podcatcher app read on …

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Android Podcatchers

On Android there is the excellent Pocket Casts or any of those listed here.


iPhone/iPad Podcatchers

There are numerous podcatchers for iPhone and iPad available from the App Store. You can also find a list of podcatchers available for iOS here.

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone Podcatchers

For an uptodate list of podcatchers for Windows Phone see this Wikipedia article.