In the current economic climate, many companies are restricting spending on travel and accommodation and instead using virtual tools for training and meetings.

When it comes to setting up Webex meetings, some companies manage the entire process (setting up the meeting and sending out the invitations) inside Webex itself.

Where I currently work we have a different process…log into your Webex account and create a meeting. This generates a 9-digit “meeting number” which is copied and pasted, along with the meeting password (defined during the meeting creation) into a meeting request in Outlook.

There are several benefits of doing it this way:

1. Creating a meeting request in Outlook is a process that most employees are familiar with.

2. If the meeting date or time changes, simply open up the meeting request in Outlook, amend the details and re-send.

3. Once an individual has created a Webex meeting, they can “re-use” the meeting number. As long as they don’t tick the “Delete from My Meetings when complete” box, the meeting will always be listed in the “My Meetings” section of their Webex account.