Adobe Connect, Webex and Microsoft Lync are amongst the tools that are used to deliver virtual training and they all have support for VOIP (the technology that allows you to “hold a telephone conversation through your computer”).

But is VOIP always best? Certainly it’s easier to have everything “under one roof” as you and the participants only have to log into a single system to attend the training. Where I work we predominantly use Webex to deliver virtual training, however, the VOIP support has been disabled. In order to hear each other, everyone dials into a teleconference.

How 1990’s. you may be thinking, but in fact, it has it’s benefits. Depending on the number of users and the network infrastructure, audio delivered via VOIP may be “choppy”, i.e. cutting out. Another advantage of having separate audio is that if somebody’s computer crashes, they can still hear what you are saying and can communicate to you that they are unable to see what you are doing.